Candy Mountain 
Thesis, Parsons School of Design
Spring 2020

Trash is universal. We all see waste, and understand what it is, but how else can it be interpreted? This book, Candy Mountain, was created to examine trash and disposable design through individual profiles of daily waste. To compile content for this book, I asked people in their young 20s to collect the trash they made in a day. I then scanned each piece individually, paying attention to the trash as a structural object. The anonymous profiles in the book were designed individually, noting how long each piece of trash will take to decompose. Each profile functions the same way, with the same amount of information, seeking to remove the context of garbage. Ultimately, a day's worth of waste will outlive us by thousands of years, so I think it's important to not only see them in terms of ecological impact, but part of our lasting cultural identity as well.

Full .pdf available on request 

© Sonja Briney